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About Sustainability

Sustainable Metal Salt Production

The Lohtragon® mindset around sustainability in metal salt production includes manifold principles to enable a responsible way of handling resources and to protect the environment. We are committed to this approach and apply it along the entire value chain – thinking in circles is an important pillar.

Get a detailed insight into our sustainability strategy, goals, projects and performance in our Dr. Paul Lohmann® sustainability report

Sustainable Sourcing and Production

Sourcing of sustainable produced raw materials is one of the key factors for our Lohtragon® range.

Landscape restoration

For example, for the production of several Magnesium Salts, Dr. Paul Lohmann® uses raw materials, which are directly coming from nature. This material is committed to environmentally-sound mining, focusing on maintaining the natural environment as close as possible to its pre-mining state. Land restoration and reforestation with olive trees are carried out to bring the mining area back into line with the original landscape and to restore its full potential.

For further information please request our flyer Magnesium from Nature.

Local supplier strategy

We work in general with local and European raw material suppliers to avoid unnecessary transport routes. The shorter distances contribute to an improved environmental CO2 balance.

Resource efficiency

The continuous improvement of our environmental footprint applies to our production, too. Here we practice according to the production-integrated environmental protection – called PIUS . We are committed to a low resource demand and an optimal soil and water efficiency. Only resources actually required in form of water, raw materials and energy are used. This results in significantly less waste, less waste water and less energy demand.

Research and development

We strive for a consistent closed-loop control in production. We invest a lot of research in our production processes, which we constantly develop further. Substances and materials that can no longer be used, in all infuenceable divisions, are recycled. We are always looking for new ways to minimize or avoid residual by products.

Sustainable Resource Management - Including Recycling

As part of our resource management – in addition to the procurement and the use of sustainable raw materials – we also focus on a sustainable energy management, water management and waste management and try to recycle wherever possible:

Energy management

Dr. Paul Lohmann office and factory buildings in Emmerthal

We are committed to reduce our energy consumption in a long-term approach and continuously improve the efficiency of our processes. To implement our energy goals, we have introduced the energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001

We have taken a wide range of measures and innovations, in particular through research, technology and plant modernization and the implementation of a comprehensive waste thermal energy concept.

In order to optimize our energy efficiency, the increased use of renewable energies is also increasingly being taken into account. Two photovoltaic systems with about 300 modules are installed on our buildings in Emmerthal, contributing to a renewable, solar powered energy mixture. Due to sunny days, our systems have generated more than 46,000 kWh in 2020. Another PV system is in planning.

Water management

Water is essential for the production of our products and is carefully purified by our own wastewater treatment plant in Emmerthal. The capacity of this plant could treat the wastewater of a city with 7,200 inhabitants. To expand our capacities, an additional state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant has become operational in 2023. Herewith we have now established further capacities to purify water in order to constantly pursue our sustainability approach and to meet our growth ambition.

Waste management

Waste materials are separated into recyclable materials and recycled. Most of the filter press cake from wastewater treatment generated during production is recycled. Our production processes are systematically investigated on a regular basis in order to further minimize the quantities of residual materials on an ongoing basis.

Sustainable packaging

All packaging material used for our Lohtragon® portfolio are completely recyclable.
All primary packaging material is physiologically harmless and suitable for the packaging of food. 

For further information please request our packing statement.

Sustainable transportation solutions

For the transport of our goods to the customer, we are looking for environmentally friendly solutions – full container deliveries, combined shipments, optimized transport routes. Generally utilizing the full potential of all transport measures contributes to a low carbon footprint here.

SUSTAINABILITY IMPULSE: Consider Aqueous Solutions for CO2 Savings

Have you ever thought about the usage of an aqueous solution instead of its related solid product from the sustainability perspective? Let us do so!

By skipping energy intensive manufacturing steps such as evaporation and drying, the production of the aqueous solution enables significant CO2 savings, which highly influence the carbon footprint of the specific supply chain. Even though the transported quantity of the liquid is generally higher than the solid equivalent, the advantages in the CO2 balance prevail up to a certain transportation distance. Request our dedicated Info Sheet and get more details on this sustainability impulse, including a carbon footprint calculation example for our Lohtragon® O52 | Potassium Acetate Solution.

Sustainable reporting and certification

EcoVadis sustainability badge

Dr. Paul Lohmann® reports on its sustainability strategy, goals, projects and achievements according to the 20 criteria of the DNK. DNK stands for 'Deutscher Nachaltigkeitskodex' / 'The Sustainability Code' and is an independent, trusted platform of assessing and reporting companies´ sustainability performances. Access the Dr. Paul Lohmann® sustainability report and learn more about our social commitment.

Our sustainability activities are again EcoVadis gold certified:
In 2022, Dr. Paul Lohmann® has been again awarded with the EcoVadis Gold medal, ranking in the top 3% of all companies assessed in our industry. We improved our overall score once again to 73 points. Especially in terms of environment topics, Dr. Paul Lohmann® scored notably well.

We are a partner in the "Responsible Care" initiative and the related "Responsible Care Global Charter" of the chemical industry, which encourages commitment above and beyond legal requirements in the fields of environment and health and safety.

The measures we have taken lead to a continuous improvement of our environmental balance. We are committed to protect natural resources, to consciously consume sustainably and to contribute actively to the preservation of our environment.