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New: Dr. Paul Lohmann® Sustainability Report Available

We are glad to have set up the Dr. Paul Lohmann® sustainability report, as next step of our CSR-efforts. Approved by the trusted German provider GSC (German Sustainability Code), we are informing about our companies' sustainability strategy, goals, achievements and planned projects according to the twenty criteria of GSC.

Curious? Have a look into our sustainability report!


Subscribe to our Live Webinar: Lithium-free OPC Accelerators for the Construction Industry

Are you interested in lithium-free OPC accelerators that improve your cement application?
Join us at our webinar on June 13th and learn more about our Lohtragon® L90 CI portfolio!

  • Efficient accelerators directly from the manufacturer to adjust setting time of Portland cements (OPC)
  • Similar performances to standard technologies such as lithium carbonate
  • In-house application technology as Lohtragon® service support
  • Economical dosage ranges and commercial competitiveness in final formulations



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Always the best metal salt for your products and applications

The high performance metal salt range for industrial applications synergized under the Lohtragon® brand provides solutions for a broad variety of market segments and applications, such as polymer additives, energy, surface treatment, construction chemicals, chemical synthesis, glass, ceramics & pigments and further special applications.

Established in diversity, but individual for you, your application and your process. Lohtragon® picks you up at your challenge focusing on maximum performance and value!

The proven Lohtragon® product range with around 60 different metal salts allows you to select from our established salt range. Our group of experts support you at any time in choosing the most suitable product, the best product quality and the optimal process solution for your application. Individual recommendations are one of our strengths.

Beyond our established product range, our unique competences in metal salt manufacturing offer you custom specifications and the development of new products with unique properties. Our research, development and application team combines long-term expertise around metal salts with strong and inspiring ingenuity in chemistry. Chemical and physical product modifications according to your requirements are made possible. A wide range of analytical equipment is on hand. Our team looks forward to exchange with you and to develop your solution.

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