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    The Lohtragon® manufacturing techniques determine the particle characteristics.

    The particle design and further physical properties define highly important features of the Lohtragon® solids. These features can be modified and adjusted to meet the required product characteristics and qualities, leading to valuable product performances.

    Various case studies demonstrate these Lohtragon® competences: 

    • Particle design  
    • Bulk density variation 
    • Optimized flow properties
    • Thermal behavior analysis
    • And more

    Particle Design – Finishing Solutions

    The fine-tuning of our Lohtragon® metal salts is completed by our special finishing solutions. Our finishing operations ranges from finest particles to large granules and liquids and allow you to select your desired particle design.

    Beyond the particle form, our expertise in manufacturing and R&D allows manifold finishing steps covering the micronization, granulation, microencapsulation, dissolving, and blending of our metal salts. 

    Contact our experts to get deep insights into the possibilities of particle design.


    Bulk Density Variation

    The Magnesium Carbonate example around Lohtragon® C36 illustrates our product range offer with bulk densities from super light (approx. 70 g/l) up to heavy (approx. 500 g/l). The optimal bulk density is important in your applications with regard to:

    • Flowability of the product itself, but also of a mixture
    • Mixability with other formulation components
    • Dissolving speed and behavior
    • Dispersing properties
    • Dust behavior
    • Wettability
    • Storability


    The showcase of our Sodium Citrate types demonstrates our expertise by providing the product with the same qualitative composition varying from the acidic to the neutral pH range.

    Flowability Properties

    Having the right flow: selected Lohtragon® products offer optimized flow properties.

    The improved performance is based on specific adjustments, such as:

    • Optimal particle size and distribution
    • Adapted particle shape, surface texture and porosity
    • Dedicated free-flow activators and more

    Our  Lohtragon® K19 |  Magnesium Acetate 4-hydrate is one product example of our existing range that is characterized by its optimized flow properties without adding any further free-flowing additive. It shows accurate dosing behavior and lower tendency to lump compared to standard product types. Watch the video from our rheometer!

    By the way, talking about flowability: In the context of flowability, our range of Lohtragon® free-flowing agents could be of interest, too.

    Do you have any challenge or requirement around flowability?


    Contact us!

    Thermal Behavior Analysis

    Thermal characteristics depend often on the crystal structure and the chemical composition of a product. Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) graphs are evaluated by our technical experts in order to properly characterize the product and to assess options for further improvements. Challenge us to assess and adjust thermal characteristics for your application.

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