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  • The Role of Chemicals in Oil & Gas Production

    Chemicals play a crucial role in the oil & gas production landscape, aiding in extraction, refinement, and transportation.

    However, with growing environmental concerns, the industry is continually evolving to find a balance between efficiency and sustainability. Understanding the role of chemicals not only sheds light on the complexity of oil & gas production but also encourages the pursuit of more eco-friendly alternatives.
    Along the value chain of the oil and gas industry there are several steps requiring metal salts to ensure efficient and safe processes.

    pH Control of Processing Fluids

    During the drilling step processing fluids enhance the efficiency with a complex requirement profile. One important characteristic is a reliable pH level control to provide fluid stability and control of contaminants.

    Exploration and Production

    The cementing protects and seals the well bore. Processing the cement and achieving specific physical properties requires a set of additives added to the cement slurry. The setting time is important for the process. The reaction is adjusted with admixtures, such as accelerators and retarders.

    Hydrogen Sulfide Removal: Safeguarding Health and Operations

    For drilling fluids lubrication, cooling is essential and corrosion inhibitors protect pipelines and equipment. The presence of H2S presents both health risks to workers and operational challenges, such as equipment corrosion. Consequently, effective H2S removal or "sweetening" techniques are integral to the safe and efficient operation of oil & gas facilities.

    Biogas Production

    Biogas production is fast becoming a cornerstone technology in the renewable energy sector, offering dual benefits in waste management and clean fuel generation. We contribute to sophisticated methods to improve the efficiency of biogas production processes with dedicated Lohtragon® additives.

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