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    In the ever-evolving world of agriculture, crop care stands as a cornerstone for achieving high yields and optimal plant health.

    From soil management to pest control, crop care involves a myriad of practices designed to nurture plants from seeding to harvest.


    Why Crop Care Matters

    Crop care is vital for maximizing yield and ensuring the longevity and health of your plants. It integrates multiple practices like soil aeration, irrigation, and fertilization, along with employing crop protection products such as pesticides and herbicides. But one factor often overlooked is the role of micronutrients in plant health, which is where specialized Lohtragon® metal salts come into play.

    Lohtragon® Metal Salts: Tailored for Excellence

    These specially formulated metal salts offer unique advantages in crop care through various applications:

    Micronutrient Formulations:

    • Designed for high solubility and bioavailability that ensures that plants can rapidly absorb these crucial micronutrients
    • Custom micronutrient blends are specifically tailored to meet the diverse requirements of different crops

    Co-formulants in Crop Protection Products: 

    • Fertilizers: For enhancing nutrient bioavailability
    • Pesticides: Acting as stabilizers for active ingredients
    • Herbicides: Functioning as pH modifiers to improve product efficacy

    Case Study: The Lohtragon® C97 Advantage
    When it comes to liquid fertilizer formulations, the requirements for water-soluble iron and nitrogen components are highly specific. The aqueous solution Lohtragon® C97 provides several compelling benefits:

    • Long-Term Stability: A stable solution of Ferric Ammonium Citrate in high purity water
    • Optimal Nutrient Content: Highest possible levels of Iron and Ammonium in an aqueous solution
    • Environmental Safety: The used Citrate anion is biodegradable and compatible with biological systems
    • Versatility: Can also be used for direct foliar fertilization

    Case Study Lohtragon® O01:  Protects & Nourishes Plants, Directly Applicable
    Lohtragon® O01 | based on Calcium Acetate acts as a Calcium source for the direct application of foliar fertilizers. The neutral pH is key, as other fertilizers like nitrates are typically acidic, which may damage the plants.  Moreover, it has proven its suitability used in nutrient mixtures.


    Lohtragon® metal salts are more than an addition to the crop care toolkit by providing highly soluble and bioavailable micronutrients and serving as efficient co-formulants in crop protection products.

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