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    Lohtragon® also signifies tailor-made solutions by variation of the chemical and physical properties including ambitious product finishing. You benefit from our team of R&D experts by having access to:

    • Extensive know-how and numerous in-house analytical instruments
    • Adjustment of product properties by variation of chemical compositions
    • Definition of product features by the art of particle design
    • Valuable finishing steps forming your product

    Our Competence in Metal Salt Optimization – Your Tailor-made Solution

    Our Lohtragon® competence in the metal salt optimization offer you new developments and custom specifications. We strive for constant improvements and optimize our products according to your requirements regarding a wide range of physical and chemical parameters. Our scientists ensure the transition from design level in our laboratories via sophisticated scale-up processes to the Lohtragon® manufacturing process. The relevant raw materials are carefully selected considering quality, appropriateness for the solely water-based manufacturing processes, sustainability aspects and long-term availability. Tailor-made solutions are core competence of our R&D: Lohtragon® – Your Solution!

    Joint Lohtragon® Product Developments

    With our Joint Lohtragon® Product Development Approach your specific needs and requirements are considered and our experts contribute with expertise in metal salts manufacturing, targeted optimization and their systematic modification. Learn more about our Joint Product Development and contact us to start a mutual development. 


    Lohtragon® Application Technology

    Metal Salt Know-how Meets Application Expertise. For selected industrial applications, we offer professionally equipped application technology laboratories, too.

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