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    In industries where the precise handling of powders and solid materials is crucial, streamlining operations is of utmost importance.

    From pharmaceuticals to food processing to construction, the flowability of powders often poses a bottleneck in productivity. That is where Lohtragon® Free-Flowing Agents come into play. Engineered to improve the flow characteristics of various solid materials, our product range – comprising anti-caking agents, anti-clumping agents, flow enhancers, and anti-sticking agents – offers multi-faceted benefits for your business.

    Top Benefits of Using Lohtragon® Free-Flowing Agents

    Operational Efficiency

    One of the most immediate advantages is improved operational efficiency. By ensuring that powders flow more freely, you will experience reduced downtime and, consequently, lower maintenance costs: 

    • No hassles of blockages
    • Even product distribution

    Product Quality

    A consistent flow translates into uniform mixing of materials, which is crucial for the quality of the end product. Lohtragon® Free-Flowing Agents guarantee that the highest quality standards are met.


    Poorly flowing materials can lead to dangerous blockages that can result in pressure build-up in your equipment, posing safety risks. Our free-flowing agents ensure a smoother flow, mitigating these risks and creating a safer working environment.


    Although integrating Lohtragon® Free-Flowing Agents may require an initial investment, the long-term operational advantages translate into significant cost savings, making it a cost-effective solution for your business.

    Wide Range of Applications

    • Chemical Industry
    • Construction Materials
    • Food Processing
    • And More

    Lohtragon®'s Commitment to Sustainability

    At Lohtragon®, we are fully committed to sustainability. Our recent innovations focus on providing eco-friendly, biodegradable free-flowing agents. 


    Case Study Lohtragon® C36 - Eco-Responsible Magnesium Carbonate Ensures Quality & Uniformity in Powdered Products
    Our widely established Lohtragon® C36 | based on Magnesium Carbonate is a testament to our commitment to both performance and environmental responsibility, making it the ideal solution for any flow-related challenges your industry might face. The addition of Magnesium Carbonate significantly improved the flow properties of the powdered products, preventing lumping and caking effectively even under varying environmental conditions. The enhanced free-flow characteristics maintained product quality and uniformity, validating the Magnesium Carbonate's role as an effective free-flowing agent in powdered formulations – including the ones for food contact.

    Please find more information in our info sheet Flow-Enhancer Lohtragon® C36.


    Unlock the potential of your operations with Lohtragon® Free-Flowing Agents, the perfect blend of efficiency, quality, and sustainability.

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