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    High Performance Acetates: Where Excellence Leads to Innovation and Security

    The Lohtragon® Acetate range plays an essential role in fulfilling your needs. The Lohtragon® Acetate portfolio is a key contributor to your acetate need. Designed for the specific requirements of industrial markets, we provide the acetate that matches your requirement, focusing on performance, reliability, and sustainability.


    Our Acetate Portfolio – Source High Quality Salts Directly from the Manufacturer

    From Ammonium to Zinc, solids to aqueous solutions, select from our established acetate range with more than 15 different metal salts in various grades. The products are manufactured at our two German production sites in Emmerthal and Lüneburg, covering the EU REACH legislation according to EC regulation no. 1907/2006:

    Our experts support you at any time in the selection of your most suitable product and quality. Get in touch with us for specifications, samples, pricing, and more!

    Find out more about our EU REACH registered products.

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    Find out more about our Acetate portfolio

    Innovative Acetate Range
    Info Sheet Acetate

    Innovation Beyond Standard and Tailor-made Solutions – Our Metal Salt Competence

    Your acetate of interest is not listed? You have further quality requirements or regulatory needs? 

    Beyond our established product range, our Lohtragon® metal salt competences in production, R&D and quality departments offer you new developments and custom specifications. We optimize the metal salts regarding a wide range of physical and chemical parameters according to your needs: Lohtragon® – Your Solution!

    Lohtragon® Acetates in Action — Some Case Studies

    Our Lohtragon® acetates are used in a variety of different applications. Click for some industrial case studies: 


    Your application of interest is not mentioned? You have further application requests? 

    Our technical sales experts for industrial applications, supported by our R&D, application lab, production team and quality departments look forward to your inquiry.


    Contact us!  


    Our Service Set-up Leading to your Added Value

    Our extensive Lohtragon® service set-up completes the product offering: from individual packaging and labelling, to technical application support, troubleshooting and more, we support your requirements – all leading to your added value.

    Supply Security

    Are you striving for supply reliability? We are your reliable partner, based on: 

    • Long-term partnerships and contracts with our suppliers
    • Geographical proximity of our suppliers and multiple sourcing
    • Dual sourcing option due to our two production sites and multi-purpose orientation
    • Long-term partnerships with freight forwarders and a  global warehouse system
    • Future-oriented company philosophy steadily investing in employees, sites and sustainability

    A Sustainable Mindset for a Sustainable Supply Chain

    The Lohtragon® mindset around sustainability in metal salt production includes manifold principles to enable a responsible way of handling resources and to protect the environment. We are committed to this approach along the entire value chain. For instance, comparing the acetate aqueous solutions to its metal salt solids in terms of production (energy consumption) and logistics (transportation mode and distance), the aqueous product may enable significant CO2 savings, improving the carbon footprint of the specific supply chain. 

    Interested in more details and specific calculation examples for your acetate salt?


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    Some Key Figures of our Acetate Range

    > 15

    Different Acetates
    as Solids and Solutions

    > 250

    Different Specifications

    > 15
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