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    Aqueous metal salt solutions are versatile materials with diverse properties. Understanding their chemistry is key to leveraging their utility in industrial applications.

    Quality You Can Trust – High Efficiency

    Our aqueous solutions of metal salts offer a number of significant advantages:

    • Outstanding quality: High purity water from own wells combined with dedicated raw materials
    • Easy handling and dosing: Replacing the dissolution step in your process and providing ready-to-use concentrations 
    • High efficiency with improved overall costs
    • Joint product developments

    A Versatile Solution Across Industries

    The Lohtragon® aqueous solutions are optimized to improve your production processes and are the high quality basis for your formulated systems in:

    Collaborative Innovation

    Lohtragon® aqueous solutions are predominantly containing single-component metal salts. Ensuring highest standards for this is our key competence which we also offer for individual concentration and customized specifications.
    We even go beyond: producing aqueous solutions with multiple components. This complex task we showcase in the section biotechnology: Stock solutions of nutrients.

    With our Joint Lohtragon® Product Development approach, your specific needs and requirements are considered and our experts contribute with expertise in metal salts manufacturing, targeted optimization and their systematic modification.


    A Sustainable Approach

    Considering sustainability aspects, the Lohtragon® aqueous solutions benefit regarding the carbon footprint compared to the solid metal salts. Are you interested in details?



    Case Study Lohtragon® O52- Solution Boosts Efficiency & Safety
    The use of Lohtragon® O52 | based on Potassium Acetate as an aqueous solution showed significant advantages in terms of immediate availability for reaction, eliminating the need for dissolution steps, which are mandatory when using solid form. This led to faster reaction times, enhanced process efficiency, and reduced handling risks, showcasing the aqueous form as a more advantageous option in terms of operational convenience and process optimization.

    Case Study Lohtragon® V88 - Ensuring Uniform Etching & Enhanced Efficiency
    In electroplating processes for Chemical Etching the use of Lohtragon® V88 | based on Ferric Sulfate in aqueous solution demonstrated marked advantages in enabling uniform and controlled etching outcomes. The solution allowed for easier application and manipulation, providing consistent results and efficient waste management, thus optimizing the overall etching process and proving the Lohtragon® V88 to be more suitable and effective for chemical etching applications.

    In Summary

    The special characteristics of Lohtragon® aqueous solutions – whenever usable – largely derive from the reliability due to purity, efficiency as optimized for your applications, and sustainability considerations.

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