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    Biogas production is fast becoming a cornerstone technology in the renewable energy sector, offering dual benefits in waste management and clean fuel generation. We contribute to sophisticated methods to improve the efficiency of biogas production processes with dedicated Lohtragon® additives.

    The Crucial Role of Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

    The removal of hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) during the biogas production process is considered essential for several reasons like equipment protection, safety, environmental concerns, and gas quality. Because of these multiple concerns, H₂S removal is a standard step in biogas purification and upgrading processes. Methods for its removal include iron-based scrubbing. A full range of iron-based Lohtragon® metal salts is available to remove hydrogen sulfide for further use of the biogas. A selection can be made according to solubility and pH-value/level, depending on requirements.

    Case Study Lohtragon® C08 - Rapidly Neutralizes H2S, Reducing Odor and Corrosion
    The aqueous solution Lohtragon® C08 | based on Ferric Sodium Citrate demonstrated superior efficacy in quickly reacting with and neutralizing H2S compared to solid alternatives. This resulted in reduced odor complaints and mitigated corrosion within the facility. Additionally, the ease of dosage control and handling made the process more manageable and efficient, establishing the solution as a preferable choice for H2S elimination.

    Anaerobic Digestion: Optimize Your Process with Metal Salts

    Anaerobic digestion is the biotechnological process where microorganisms break down biodegradable material in an environment without oxygen. Here is how metal salts contribute to this process:

    • Nutritional Role: Micronutrients and optimized microbial growth by providing trace metals based on Lohtragon® metal salts, their Premixes and stock solutions
    • pH and Buffering: maintaining a stable pH in the digester for optimal microbial activity


    In Summary

    Why Choose Lohtragon® Metal Salts?

    • Improved Gas Quality
    • Enhanced Efficiency
    • Custom Solutions
    • Safety and Environmental Benefits

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