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    Energy storage is a central concept that is key to the future of sustainable energy. In the face of climate change and the need to move away from fossil fuels, the role of renewable energy sources is becoming increasingly important.

    Why Energy Storage?

    However, most renewable energy sources are intermittent by nature. This is where energy storage steps in as a game-changer.
    While the most common form of energy storage is battery technology (BES), innovations are continually emerging in the field. For instance, thermal energy storage systems (TES) can capture heat during the daytime and release it at night for heating purposes. Likewise, chemical storage solutions are being explored to hold onto energy for more extended periods without degradation.

    Tailoring Solutions with Joint Developments

    The Lohtragon® metal salts contribute to a sustainable energy generation and storage across various types of energy. In many systems these high performance metal salts act as active component like in thermal energy storage and batteries. In other energy sectors metal salts are used as auxiliary materials and to optimize production processes, e.g. as hydrogen sulfide scavenger in biogas plants.

    With our Joint Lohtragon® Product Development approach your specific needs and requirements to energy storage systems are our objective.


    In Summary

    Energy storage is not merely an adjunct to renewable energy but a critical enabler. As technologies continue to evolve, the potential for efficient, sustainable energy storage systems grows ever more promising – supported by Lohtragon® metal salts.


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