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    Offering a range of storage options – from sensible heat to latent heat and thermochemical storage – Thermal Energy Storage (TES) is a sustainable contributor in renewable energy management.

    Keep reading to learn how our proprietary Joint Lohtragon® Product Development approach can tailor TES systems to meet your specific needs.

    Sensible Heat Storage

    The most widely used form of TES, sensible heat storage involves storing energy in water, rocks, or molten salts. Ideal for large-scale applications like solar power plants, this method is as simple as it is effective.

    Latent Heat Storage with Phase Change Materials (PCM)

    Utilizing phase-change materials (PCMs), this system stores heat as these materials transition between solid and liquid states. Latent Heat Storage Systems use specific Phase-Change Materials (PCM), typically metal salts. These salts, hydrates and anhydrous salts as well as their mixtures, release heat with the phase change from liquid to solid and are charged by heating with renewable energy (melting the solid material into its liquid phase).
    The Lohtragon® portfolio offers a dedicated range of Formates and Acetates as well as Magnesium and Lithium mixed salts. The Lohtragon® competences in metal salt modification support to enhance the heat transfer efficiency by product encapsulation, particle design and other types of modifications.

    Thermo-chemical Heat Storage

    The dehydration of a metal Hydroxide into its Oxide and water is one example of a solid-gas reaction for thermo-chemical heat storage, exemplarily Magnesium and Calcium Hydroxides.

    Special Additives for Optimized Performance

    Challenges like phase separation, corrosion, and cycle stability can hinder the performance of TES systems. That's where special additives come into play. These additives are crucial for enhancing operating temperatures and overall system efficiency, providing a reliable and optimized solution for your thermal energy storage needs.

    Tailored Solutions with Joint Lohtragon® Product Development

    No two energy needs are the same, and that is why we offer tailored solutions through our Joint Lohtragon® Product Development approach. We focus on your specific requirements and challenges, developing a TES system that meets your needs.


    Thermal Energy Storage (TES) is no longer the future – it is the present. Offering a range of versatile solutions for energy storage, TES is an indispensable tool in creating a sustainable, energy-efficient future. With our specialized additives and tailor-made solutions, let us aim to optimize your storage system as well.

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