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    Chemical synthesis is a multifaceted process that requires utmost precision and high-quality reactants to yield optimal results.

    When it comes to securing the best materials for your chemical reactions, look no further than Lohtragon®'s range of premium metal salts for catalysts, precursors for ceramic catalyst carriers, desiccants, and pH control solutions. Renowned for their exceptional quality, these products are specifically engineered to offer reproducibility and consistency at unparalleled standards. 
    The chemicals used in chemical synthesis can vary widely depending on the specific synthesis or reaction being conducted.


    Superior Auxiliary Materials for Chemical Synthesis by Lohtragon®

    Ceramic Catalyst Carriers
    An active catalytic substance is typically used directly in reactions. However, when high mechanical strength is needed, catalysts are applied on a ceramic carriers. For more details around ceramics and the Lohtragon® precursors, refer to our section on Ceramics & Glass.

    pH Control

    Controlling the pH during chemical reactions can have a significant impact on the yield and properties of the final product. Explore our dedicated section for specialized pH control products.

    Premium Desiccants

    Lohtragon® desiccants or drying agents are highly pure, chemically inert substances designed to absorb water and reduce humidity levels. Whether you are looking to remove water from solvents or control humidity between the panes of insulated windows, our desiccants meet the highest purity standards.


    Case Study Lohtragon® V15, and Lohtragon® C36 - Exceptional Desiccants Ensure Purity & Yield

    During the production of organic peroxides, traces of unwanted water can occur. Both our Lohtragon® V15 | based on Magnesium Sulfate and Lohtragon® C36 | based on Magnesium Carbonate demonstrated exceptional proficiency as desiccants, effectively maintaining anhydrous conditions and thereby optimizing the reaction yields and speeds. Their high water absorption capacity, non-reactivity with reaction components, and ease of removal post-reaction highlighted their suitability and advantage over other conventional desiccants in chemical reactions. Our commitment to the highest purity standards ensures that no impurities cause the decomposition of your peroxides.

    Stabilizing Agent

    Case Study Lohtragon® V15 - Enhancing Formulation Stability
    Lohtragon® V15 | based on Magensium Sulfate acts as stabilizing agent for peroxide based catalyst formulations, based on its magnesium content and its purity.


    When it comes to chemical synthesis, the quality and consistency of your reactants can make or break your process. Lohtragon®'s premium range around ceramic catalyst carriers, desiccants, and pH control products set the industry standard for quality and performance.


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