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    Magnesium Carbonate

    Lohtragon® C36 | Type 735
    Product Data

    Optimize Your Industrial Applications with Lohtragon® C36 Magnesium Carbonate

    Enhance your industrial formulations with the unique manufacturing process and diverse qualities of our Lohtragon® C36 Magnesium Carbonate. As a leading manufacturer and supplier, we provide Magnesium Carbonate in a range of grades, including our chemically pure standard grade and other grades meeting food contact requirements (E no.). Choose from a unique bulk density range, from super light to heavy (approximately 70 - 500 g/l). All our Magnesium Carbonate product types are EU REACH compliant.
    Increase your production efficiency and product quality with Lohtragon® C36 magnesium carbonate, serving multiple industrial market segments. Here are some typical application examples:

    Maximize Production Efficiency: FREE-FLOWING AGENT
    Lohtragon® C36 our superior flow enhancer based on Magnesium Carbonate addresses the industry's need for reliability, safety, and efficiency, ensuring your products remain free-flowing and high-performing. By incorporating Lohtragon® C36 into your formulation, you benefit from its multi-functional capabilities as an anti-caking and anti-clumping agent. The moisture-absorbing capability of Lohtragon® C36 leads to lower dust tendency, enabling safe, easy, and precise handling of your powders and solid materials. For more details, have a look at our Info Sheet on Free-Flow Enhancement.

    Optimize Chemical Reactions: CHEMICAL SYNTHESIS
    Enhance your chemical synthesis with Lohtragon® C36, an excellent carrier for organic peroxides and persulfates. Special product types demonstrate exceptional proficiency as desiccants, effectively maintaining anhydrous conditions and optimizing reaction yields and speeds. Our commitment as supplier to the highest purity standards ensures that no impurities cause the decomposition of your peroxides.

    Achieve Superior Glass & Ceramics: GLASS & CERAMICS
    Improve your glass and ceramic production with Lohtragon® C36 Magnesium Carbonate, which contributes to remarkable mechanical strength and optimized thermal stability. Additionally, it acts as a flux agent for the uniform crystallization of the glass ceramics, ensuring clarity and finish. These characteristics underscore its suitability as an effective material in producing high-quality glass ceramics. Get more information in our Info Sheet on Ceramics and Glass.

    Enhance Grip in Sports: CHALK for Climbing, Bouldering, Weight-lifting, and More
    Boost the athletic performance of your customers with our special chips-like type and powder versions of Lohtragon® C36 Chalk, ensuring the highest grip for all sport activities that require dry hands, such as climbing, bouldering, and weightlifting. It is 100% pure Magnesium Carbonate, without additives or artificial drying agents. It is most effective at drying your hands, improving your grip, and increasing friction performance. You can find additional information in the section Lohtragon® C36 Chalk.

    General Characteristics

    Synonyms: Magnesium Hydroxide Carbonate; Magnesium Carbonate, basic

    Formula 4MgCO3Mg(OH)2 * 5H2O
    Molecular weight 485.0 g/mol
    CAS No.: 12125-28-9
    EINECS No.: 235-192-7
    HS No.: 28369911

    Product parameter Additional information Storage conditions | Retest period
    • powder
    • chem. pure
    • approx. 25 % Mg | white | Solubility 20 °C: −− | pH 1 %: approx. 10 |

    Our all-round product used in various applications | Available in multiple grades, including E No for food contact requirements | Select from an unique bulk density range: super light to heavy (approx. 70 - 500 g/l) | Magnesium from nature

    Keep well closed, dry and at room temperature; 36 months

    ++ > 100 g/l | + 10 - 100 g/l | − 1 - 10 g/l | −− < 1 g/l
    The solubility specified here was measured in water. The solubility is influenced by many factors in the application.

    The information given in the document corresponds to our current knowledge. We warrant in the frame of our General Terms and Conditions of Sale that our products are manufactured in accordance with the specifications. However, we disclaim any liability with regard to the suitability of our products for a particular purpose or application or their compatibility with other substances. Tests have to be performed by the customer who also bears the risk in this respect. Nothing herein shall be construed as a recommendation to use our products in conflict with third parties' rights.

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