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    Why Polymer Additives are Essential

    Polymer additives play a crucial role in optimizing and tailoring the properties of polymers to meet the demands of various industries from automotive to consumer goods.

    Polymer additives are substances incorporated into polymers and span across a wide array of functions.

    The Wide Field of Functions

    • Performance Enhancement: Additives can drastically improve the mechanical properties, thermal resistance, and environmental stability of polymers
    • Cost-Effectiveness: Some additives, like fillers, can reduce the overall cost of the polymer product by acting as a bulking agent
    • Processability: Additives like plasticizers and lubricants make polymers easier to process, saving both time and resources
    • Safety: Additives like flame retardants can make polymers safer for specific applications
    • Aesthetic Appeal: Colorants and other visual additives can make polymer products more appealing to the consumer

    Customization Through Joint Lohtragon® Product Developments

    At Dr. Paul Lohmann® we believe in continuous innovation. Our key competence lies in our ability to customize polymer additives in collaboration with our partners. This joint development model allows us to continually refine and expand our offerings.

    In a world that demands nothing less than perfection, polymer additives like the Lohtragon® PA range ensure that your product not only meets but exceeds industry standards. Discover how we can help you unlock the full potential of your polymers today.


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