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    Welcome to the cutting-edge world of biotechnology, a field where science meets innovation to address some of the most pressing challenges of our time.

    Within this expansive discipline lies the specialized area of white biotechnology, also known as industrial biotechnology. This sector is revolutionizing how we manufacture products, manage waste, and even how we heal the planet.
    Within white biotechnology the use of metal salts is crucial – essential components that amplify the efficiency and sustainability of various biological processes. From chemical synthesis to enzyme production and beyond, metal salts are shaping the future of sustainable industry. Metal salts are versatile players in the field of white biotechnology, enhancing process efficiency, stability, and yield. Their multifaceted roles make them invaluable components in the quest for sustainable industrial solutions.

    Custom Solutions for Large-scale Operations

    In this setting, our Lohtragon® BT line is specifically engineered for industrial biotechnology, catering to large-scale fermentation operations and encompassing the entire biotech value spectrum. Specializing in inorganic chemistry, we offer ongoing support in crafting precise synthetic fermentation media. Our team is dedicated to customizing the inorganic components of Lohtragon® BT and their mixtures (premixes) to fit your specific needs – delivering a solution that is tailored just for you. Leveraging a diverse portfolio of metal salts and a deep understanding of their modification and various formulations, we help create optimally defined culture media.

    With our Joint Lohtragon® Product Development approach, your specific needs and requirements are considered and our experts contribute with expertise in metal salts manufacturing, targeted optimization and their systematic modification.

    Why Choose Dr. Paul Lohmann® for Biotechnology Solutions?

    • Multi-Segment Expertise: From BioPharma and Food Biotech to Industrial Biotech, we offer integrated and comprehensive solutions.
    • Industry-Leading Research & Development: Benefit from our ongoing commitment to research, ensuring you stay ahead of industry trends and technological advancements.


    In Summary

    Experience the difference of a comprehensive, competent, and innovative approach to biotechnology solutions which Dr. Paul Lohmann® has established in the overarching “Center of Competence Biotechnology“, covering the segments of BioPharma, Food Biotech and Industrial Biotech.

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