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    The home care and cleaning market segment encompasses a wide range of products aimed at maintaining cleanliness, hygiene, and overall home care.

    This market has been evolving rapidly to adapt to changing consumer needs, regulatory requirements, and technological advancements. The range of products is extremely wide, from surface cleaners to dishwashing, from rust removal to odor control.

    Complexing Agents

    Lohtragon® metal salts serve as powerful complexing agents, binding to impurities and contaminants, making them easier to remove. This efficiency allows for less product use, conserving both money and environmental resources.


    Glass Treatment

    Gone are the days when a smudge or scratch would ruin your glass surfaces. Lohtragon® offers specialized metal salts that combat both scratching and glass corrosion, thereby increasing the longevity of your glass items and reducing waste.

    Case Study Lohtragon® O56 - Superior Corrosion Inhibition & Clarity Preservation for Glass Surfaces
    The inclusion of Lohtragon® O56 | based on Zinc Acetate in home care formulations exhibited pronounced corrosion inhibition on glass surfaces, preserving clarity and structural integrity. In addition to offering protective benefits, the formulations maintained optimal cleaning efficiency and were found to be effective in providing long-lasting protection against corrosion, highlighting the suitability of Zinc Acetate as a glass corrosion inhibitor in home care products.

    pH Control and Buffering Systems

    Maintaining the correct pH level in cleaning solutions is often overlooked but is essential for optimal results. Lohtragon® metal salts act as excellent pH controllers and buffering agents, ensuring that the cleaning agents work effectively without harming surfaces or human skin.

    Rust Removal

    Lohtragon® offers products that not only eliminate but also prevent future rust formation. This proactive approach saves both time and money in the long run.

    Case Study - Efficient Cleaning with Protective Layer Formation
    Phosphoric acids is the classical rust remover while our products Lohtragon® B65 and Lohtragon® O16 supporting rust removal in cleaning formulation due to their complexing behavior. The solutions containing Lohtragon® B65 |  based on Triammonium Citrate and Lohtragon® O16 | based on Dipotassium Oxalate 1-hydrate demonstrated a significant ability to remove rust efficiently and left a protective layer on the metal surfaces, in some cases hindering further corrosion. 

    Sustainability: A Core Aspect of Lohtragon® Products

    Unlike conventional cleaning agents that may have harmful ecological effects, Lohtragon® is committed to delivering eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning chemicals. Their research and development are geared towards innovative solutions that offer high performance while ensuring minimal environmental impact.



    When it comes to home care and cleaning chemicals, Lohtragon® products provide a compelling portfolio that addresses cleaning efficacy, health safety, and environmental sustainability.

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