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    Lohtragon® metal salts find a variety of applications in the automotive market segment, serving various functions ranging from corrosion inhibition to catalysis.

    Fuel Additives

    Fuel additives are an essential component in today's automotive and industrial sectors, designed to enhance fuel performance, improve efficiency, and reduce emissions.

    Lohtragon® metal salts of magnesium, iron, and copper, contribute significantly to improving combustion quality, reducing deposit build-up, and enhancing overall fuel stability.

    Are you looking to maximize fuel efficiency? Contact us to exchange about the role of metal salts in fuel additives.

    Other Automotive Market Segments

    • Coolants: We can develop your Lohtragon® CP corrosion protection additive used in coolants to protect the engine and cooling system
    • Sensors: Metal oxides are used in the fabrication of various types of sensors; for example in gas sensors that detect exhaust gases or fumes
    • Brake Pads and Clutches: Copper and Zinc salts are used as stabilizing agents in the manufacturing of brake pads and clutches


    In Summary

    Leveraging technological advances, we are committed to developing materials that contribute to a greener, more efficient future. As sustainability gains center stage, Lohtragon® metal salts are positioned to support more eco-friendly applications in the automotive industry also considering circular economy and recycling aspects. 
    For inquiries, partnerships, or deep dives into any of the mentioned applications, feel free to contact us. Let’s drive innovation in the automotive sector together.


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