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  • The Role of Lohtragon® in Electronics Manufacturing

    One of the applications in which the dedicated properties of the Lohtragon® metal salts show their strengths are semiconductors and microelectronics. Dedicated and high-purity products are essential materials in the value chain for producing high-quality semiconductor films and displays.

    Multi-Faceted Functions of Metal Salts in Electronics

    The production of electronics involves a series of complex and highly regulated processes to ensure the functionality and reliability of the end products. The typical processes involved in the manufacturing of semiconductor-based electronic devices require oxidizers, buffers, complexing agents, corrosion inhibitors and in general precursors for surface treatments.

    Do You Face Specific Requirements?

    With your requirements being specific and the need for high purity alternatives growing, isn't it time you consider Lohtragon® products? Partner with us to discover the possibilities and advantages of employing Lohtragon® products in your industry.


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