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    Source High Quality Magnesium Salts Directly from the Manufacturer

    Magnesium salts are one of the major product families at Dr. Paul Lohmann®. We offer a portfolio of over 40 different magnesium products, including nine under Lohtragon® brand name. All Magnesium Salts are produced at our two production sites, both located in Germany. 

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    Get to Know Some Key Features of our Lohtragon® Magnesium Salts



    Good to know

     Lohtragon® K19  Magnesium Acetate 4-hydrate
    • Famous for its excellent flow properties 
    • Highly soluble in water
    • Typically established as charge control agent in the production of PET foils and as efficient catalyst precursor and modifier
     Lohtragon® K92  Magnesium Acetate anhydrous
    • Are you looking for a magnesium precursor in the catalyst production or an additive in polyester foil production for adhesion regulation? This is your product!
    • Don’t forget its high water solubility.
     Lohtragon® C36  Magnesium Carbonate
    • Our all-rounder, responding to various requests:
    • Available with bulk densities from super light to heavy (approx. 70-500 g/l) 
    • Available as specially dried type reducing hygroscopic effects
    • It has found its way into space as a component of the telescope mirror of the Hubble telescope
    • We offer a special chips-like type ensuring highest grip for all sport activities in need of dry hands 
    • Used as a melting raw material for enamels
    • A very good free-flowing additive
     Lohtragon® C35  Magnesium Hydroxide
    • Are you interested in a metal salt with high magnesium content? Lohtragon® C35 is a very good choice!
    • It is typically known as glass ceramic precursor in the production of MAS glass ceramics and as free-flowing agent.
     Lohtragon® O41  Magnesium Nitrate 6-hydrate
    • Suitable as magnesium source for foliar fertilizer and as coagulation agent for emulsions
    • Benefit from a high solubility in water
     Lohtragon® C46  Magnesium Oxide
    • Our next all-rounder metal salt, characterized by:
    • A high magnesium content
    • Bulk densities ranging from super light to heavy (approx. 60-500 g/l)
    • A typical usage as magnesium source for glass ceramics, as free-flowing agent and as reactive starting material for magnesium based greases to control its viscosity
     Lohtragon® O73  Magnesium Peroxide
    • Benefit from a solid hydrogen peroxide source compared to liquid alternatives
     Lohtragon® V15  Magnesium Sulfate, dried
    • Are you in need of an auxiliary for desiccating solvents and organic peroxides that removes unwanted traces of water without further thermal stress and in high purity?

    Competence in Metal Salt Modification – Get your Tailor-made Magnesium Salts

    Get your customized Magnesium salt and benefit from our competence in metal salt optimization, adjusting chemical and physical properties according to your requirements. Lohtragon® – Your Solution! 

    For instance, in need of a specific free-flow optimized product, have a look at the example of our  Lohtragon® K19 | Magnesium Acetate 4-hydrate.  This is one product example of our existing range that is characterized by its optimized flow properties without adding any further free-flowing additive. It shows accurate dosing behavior and lower tendency to lump compared to standard product types. Watch the video from our rheometer!


    In case of a specific bulk density, consider our Lohtragon® C36 | Magnesium Carbonate and our Lohtragon® C46 | Magnesium Oxide.  The showcase illustrates our product range offer with bulk densities from super light (approx. 70 g/l) up to heavy (approx. 500 g/l).

    Magnesium Salts: Usage in a Variety of Industrial Applications 

    Magnesium compounds find diverse application in industrial market segments in various functions. Here some typical application examples:

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    A Sustainable Mindset for a Sustainable Supply Chain

    The Lohtragon® mindset around sustainability in metal salt production includes manifold principles to enable a responsible way of handling resources and to protect the environment. We are committed to this approach along the entire value chain. 

    Sourcing of sustainable produced raw materials is one of the key factors for our Lohtragon® portfolio. For example, for the production of several of our Magnesium salts we use raw materials, which are directly coming from nature. These products are committed to environmentally-sound mining, focusing on maintaining the natural environment as close as possible to its pre-mining state. Land restoration and reforestation with olive trees are carried out to bring the mining area back into line with the original landscape and to restore its full potential.

    Moreover, it is worth to consider the product form our magnesium salts, offering both solids and aqueous solutions. Comparing the aqueous solutions to its metal salt solids in terms of production (energy consumption) and logistics (transportation mode and distance), the aqueous product may enable significant CO2 savings, improving the carbon footprint of the specific supply chain. 

    Our Service Set-up Leading to your Added Value

    Our extensive Lohtragon® service set-up completes the product offering: from individual packaging and labelling, to technical application support, troubleshooting and more, we support your requirements – all leading to your added value.


    Supply Security as Your Security

    Are you striving for supply reliability? We are your reliable partner, based on: 

    • Long-term partnerships and contracts with our suppliers
    • Geographical proximity of our suppliers and multiple sourcing
    • Dual sourcing option due to our two production sites and multi-purpose orientation
    • Long-term partnerships with freight forwarders and a  global warehouse system
    • Future-oriented company philosophy steadily investing in employees, sites and sustainability
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