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    The variation of chemical compositions offers extensive opportunities.

    In this way, tailor-made metal salts can be synthesized meeting specific needs. 
    Various case studies demonstrate these Lohtragon® competences: 

    • Optimized active content
    • High purities
    • Variation of pH-value
    • Improved solubility behavior
    • Reduced hygroscopic and water content
    • And more 

    pH Variation

    The optimization of the pH-value is relevant for production processes and final products in many applications, such as: 

    • Sensitive aqueous formulations, e.g. adhesives, paints, and textiles
    • Surface Treatment – Electroplating and metal surface etching
    • Energy – Electrolytes for batteries
    • Polymer Additives and more


    By varying the pH-value of a metal salt important properties of such solid materials can be optimized, including:

    • Solubility behavior
    • Decomposition temperature
    • Crystal structure and more

    The showcase of our Sodium Citrate types demonstrates our expertise by providing the product with the same qualitative composition varying from the acidic to the neutral pH range.

    Active Content Optimization

    Many processes and chemical reactions require highest possible share of an active component as it leads to a maximized efficiency and yield increase. With our chemical expertise we customize metal salts around your active cation and anion, for example in catalytical systems. 

    The graph of our different Lohtragon® Iron Sulfates gives you an insight about what is possible. Within one product group from our standard portfolio we cover different iron contents ranging from approx. 7.5 % up to approx. 32 %.

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    Crystal Structure Analysis

    Visualization and analyzation of a product’s crystal structure are essential tools for the optimization of our Lohtragon® metal salts. The images from our Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and crystal structure elucidation by X-ray Powder Diffraction (XRD) enable us to understand product structures and to adapt the product according to requested functionalities. The three fascinating examples show how different crystal structures can be.

    The modification of the crystal morphology influences an extensive range of properties, e.g.:

    • Flow properties
    • Solubility
    • Density
    • Reactivity
    • Dust behavior and more

    Solubility Behavior

    High dissolution rates are mandatory for efficient aqueous processes. For formulators of aqueous recipes, the long-term stability is crucial for a good shelf life. Optimized solubility behavior is important for an extended service life.

    If your process includes aqueous solutions, you can rely on our expertise to meet your demands. The Lohtragon® specialized drying and powder modification processes give you the desired rate of dissolution and an enhanced long-term stability. We give close attention to impurity profiles and can customize our products for your needs.

    The exact determination of the crystal water content of a salt is very important, because it stands in direct correlation with the dissolution rate. Your product will be characterized in every aspect, using the highly advanced devices available in the analysis instrument park of Lohtragon®.

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    Reduced Hygroscopic Effect

    Hygroscopicity refers to the property of binding moisture from the environment. If solid substances absorb the moisture, this effect can lead to product lumping – usually undesired. Based on our Lohtragon® competence in chemical metal salt optimizations, we offer solutions:

    • Lohtragon® anti-caking additives reduce hygroscopic effects in your application, such as the specially dried type of our Lohtragon® C36 | Magnesium Carbonate
    • Lohtragon® metal salts already flow-optimized and thus more resistant to hygroscopic influences, as e.g. our Lohtragon® V17 | Sodium Sulfate type with optimized flow properties

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