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    Corrosion, the natural process of metal degradation when exposed to the environment, poses significant challenges in various industrial sectors such as oil and gas, automotive, and maritime.

    Over time, this degradation can lead to structural failure, posing safety risks and incurring enormous economic costs for maintenance and replacements. One effective way to manage this pervasive problem is through the use of corrosion protection based on additives. Unlike coatings or cathodic protections that serve as a physical barrier to corrosive elements, additives are substances mixed with liquids or embedded within materials to inhibit the electrochemical processes that lead to corrosion.

    How Do Corrosion Inhibitors Work?

    Corrosion inhibitors, work by forming a protective layer on the metal surface or by interfering with the corrosion process at the molecular level. Lohtragon® CP can be employed in coolants, fuels, lubricants, and process fluids to extend the lifespan of machinery and infrastructure. By understanding the chemistry and application conditions, we can develop the most appropriate additives to use for your specific needs, effectively reducing downtime, maintenance costs, and potential environmental impact.

    A Sustainable Choice for Modern Industry

    As industries move toward greener solutions, the importance of environmentally-friendly corrosion inhibitors cannot be overstated. Lohtragon® CP is continually under development to not only meet but exceed these sustainability goals. If you are currently using a corrosion inhibitor that is environmentally detrimental, now is the time to discuss about a Lohtragon® CP solution.

    Versatility Across Applications – Custom Solutions for Your Needs

    What sets Lohtragon® CP apart is its adaptability. A mutual understanding the chemistry and application conditions is crucial for optimal product developments. Our experts contribute to joint developments by analysing your specific needs and operating conditions to establish the most effective application tests and finally to develop the most suitable corrosion additive system, ensuring that you get the most out of Lohtragon® CP. We understand that every corrosion problem is unique, requiring a tailored solution. 

    Our expert team in the application technology laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge analytical systems to develop the most appropriate Lohtragon® CP additives for your specific corrosion challenges.

    Extensive Applications for Every Need

    The range of potential applications for Lohtragon® CP is truly expansive. Among them are:

    • Lubricants
    • Pipelines
    • Drilling Operations
    • Water Treatment
    • Engine Coolants
    • Fuel Systems
    • Chemical Industry
    • Reinforced Concrete
    • Metal Structures
    • Electronics
    • Cooling Systems
    • Processing Equipment
    • Manufacturing Industry
    • Metalworking Fluids
    • Heat Exchangers
    • Renewable Energy
    • Pulp and Paper Industry

    Each of these industries has unique challenges and specific requirements for corrosion protection, and that is where the adaptability of Lohtragon® CP comes into play.

    Corrosion Solutions with Lohtragon® CP

    Corrosion protection is not just about extending the life of your machinery but also about ensuring safety and operational efficiency. Lohtragon® CP corrosion protection additives offer a versatile, effective, and sustainable way to tackle the varied corrosion issues across industries. With expert backing and continuous research and development, we are committed to finding the perfect Lohtragon® CP solution for your specific needs.

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