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  • Lohtragon® Metal Salts: Their Role in pH Control and Buffer Systems

    Why is pH Control Critical in Various Processes?

    Whether you are engaged in chemical manufacturing, biotechnology, or formulation of aqueous products, the importance of pH control cannot be overstated. Ensuring optimal pH levels can make the difference between an efficient process and a flawed one. From enzyme activities in biological systems to chemical manufacturing, pH control contributes to a successful process or final formulation.

    Lohtragon® Metal Salts: Your Contributor in Buffer Systems

    When it comes to creating robust and efficient buffer systems, Lohtragon® metal salts offer multiple advantages:

    • Direct Buffer Capacity Enhancement: Lohtragon® metal salts can directly contribute to a system’s buffer capacity, providing superior control over pH levels
    • pH-Adjustment Assistance: These salts are invaluable for fine-tuning the pH levels in a buffering system
    • Complex Formation: Beyond direct contributions, Lohtragon® metal salts can form complexes that indirectly impact the pH, adding an additional layer of control

    Choosing the right components can help you tailor the buffer capacity and the effective pH range to meet your specific needs:


    Biological Systems

    • Where pH and buffers rule enzyme functionality, cellular activities, blood pH regulation

    Industrial Processes: Stability equals profitability

    • Chemical Manufacturing: Achieve maximum yield by maintaining optimal pH conditions using buffering agents
    • Whether it is electroplating or nanomaterial synthesis, controlling pH is crucial for obtaining desired outcomes
    • Wastewater Management: Effective pH control not only facilitates impurity sedimentation but also improves the efficiency of waste-degrading microorganisms

    Case Study Buffer in Biotechnology – Enhancing Stability and Yield in Biotechnological Processes
    The utilization of Lohtragon® C32 | based on Monosodium Phosphate as a phosphate buffer demonstrated superior stability in pH control, enabling a consistent and optimal environment for microbial activity and protein synthesis. This resulted in enhanced yields and purity of the target proteins, reinforcing Monosodium Phosphate’s role as an effective buffer in white biotechnology processes.

    Depending on the biological process buffer systems based on our Lohtragon® Acetates and Lohtragon® Citrates have unique properties and areas of application, highlighting their versatility and importance in biotechnological processes.

    Joint Lohtragon® Product Development: Tailoring to Your Needs

    With our unique Joint Lohtragon® Product Development approach, we cater to your specific buffer system needs, taking into account factors such as competitive reactions in complex systems and solubility behavior of various components.

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