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    Medical products are indispensable in the healthcare industry, continually evolving to meet the needs of patients and medical professionals alike.

    Through regulatory oversight and technological innovation, these products are becoming more effective, more accessible, and safer. Whether it is a simple latex glove or a complex MRI machine, each medical product serves a vital function in the grand scheme of healthcare.

    A Brief Glance at Pharma: The Core Competence of Dr. Paul Lohmann®

    Mineral Salts are used in the pharmaceutical industry either because of their pharmacological effect as active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) or because of their technological function as excipients. For pharmaceuticals you get comprehensive insights in the use of mineral salts on our Dr. Paul Lohmann® website.

    Why Lohtragon® Metal Salts for Medical Products?

    With the Lohtragon® competence to manufacture high purity metal salts we provide the precondition for raw materials used by upstream suppliers for medical devices in personal care products, medical equipment and medical devices. Lohtragon® applications in this broad field range from implants to dental products.

    Versatility Across Medical Products

    From implants and diagnostic equipment to therapeutic devices and surgical instruments, Lohtragon® provides a spectrum of solutions for materials used for the different types of medical devices.

    For Unmatched Quality and Purity

    Medical device manufacturing is a field where there is zero room for error. The materials used must meet the highest standards of quality and purity, which is why our Lohtragon® metal salts are the go-to choice for upstream suppliers in the various industry segments.

    Regulatory Compliance

    Our Lohtragon® range adheres to stringent regulatory guidelines, ensuring that your medical devices are not just effective but also compliant with safety standards.

    Contribution to Material Manufacturing

    In a world where medical devices are increasingly made from a diverse range of materials – ceramics and glass, polymers, metals, and electronics – Lohtragon® metal salts play an essential role in their manufacture.


    Quality Assurance

    Each product in our Lohtragon® range is rigorously tested to meet quality standards before entering the market, ensuring that medical devices made from them are reliable, durable, and above all, safe for use.


    In an industry where life and health are at stake, settling for anything less than the best is not an option. Be it implants, diagnostic equipment, or any other medical device, quality materials are paramount. Lohtragon® metal salts set the highest standard in quality and purity, ensuring your medical devices are not just cutting-edge but also safe and reliable.

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