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    Despite their versatility, polymers often have limitations when it comes to moisture absorption and sensitivity.

    Polymer additives for moisture control serve various functions in controlling the behavior and performance of polymers when they are exposed to moisture. These additives can help to maintain the properties of the polymer or plastic, such as its mechanical strength, color stability, and dimensional integrity, among other aspects.

    What Are Polymer Additives for Moisture Control?

    These special chemical agents are integrated into polymer composites to manage their behavior when exposed to water or humid conditions. They serve a myriad of functions – from absorbing excess moisture and scavenging water to maintaining dimensional stability and even extending product lifespan.

    Why You Need Moisture-Control Additives

    Moisture-control additives are not just an optional add-on but essential for:

    • Mechanical Property Enhancement
    • Dimensional Stability
    • Aesthetic and Functional Performance
    • Enhanced Durability

    Types of Polymer Additives for Moisture Control

    Some categories of polymer additives are:

    • Moisture Absorbers
    • Moisture Scavengers
    • Hydrophobic Agents
    • Controlled Release Agents
    • Humectants
    • Desiccants

    Case Study Lohtragon® V15 - Enhances Polymer Longevity and Performance

    The hygroscopic nature of Lohtragon® V15 | based on Magnesium Sulfate enables it to regulate the moisture content within polymers, thereby preserving their properties and extending their service life. The diverse applications across industries like packaging, construction, and medical devices underscore its indispensability in enhancing the performance and sustainability of polymer products. By embracing Lohtragon® V15 as a polymer additive, industries can move a step closer to achieving high-quality, durable, and eco-friendly polymer-based solutions.


    Investing in moisture control additives is not just an option; it is a necessity for many applications to enhance mechanical properties, aesthetics, and durability. Specific Lohtragon® PA polymer additives can act as desiccants and drying agents or have dedicated properties to match the moisture content to the desired level.

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