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  • Lohtragon® BT Nutrient Concepts: Precision in Your Biotech Processes

    In the world of biotechnology, achieving optimal fermentation processes requires a fine balance of various factors – none more essential than nutrient concepts.

    Whether you are developing enzymes, biofuels, or pharmaceuticals, the right nutrient and their blends can make or break your outcomes. Lohtragon® BT products for biotech applications deliver tailored nutrient solutions, designed with precise ratios and quality assurance to guarantee efficient and reliable fermentation processes.

    Why Nutrient Concepts are Crucial in Targeted Fermentation

    Properly formulated nutrients are essential for fostering healthy microbial growth and achieving targeted biological outcomes. But we go beyond merely supplying metal salts. Our nutrient concepts are the result of extensive research and industry expertise, aimed at delivering predictable and high-quality results.

    Benefits of Choosing Lohtragon® BT Nutrient Concepts

    • Precision-Formulated: Our products are tailored to provide the exact nutrient ratios needed
    • Ease of Use: Simplify nutrient addition with our premixes and stock solutions
    • Scalability: Effortlessly scale our nutrient solutions to meet your requirements
    • Quality Assurance: Manufactured under stringent quality controls, our products promise reliability and reproducibility in your biotechnological applications

    Lohtragon® BT in Your Targeted Fermentation Process

    There are various fermentation methodologies and all require starting media containing certain inorganic components – nutrients and buffers. Additionally for fed-batch and continuous processes we recommend sophisticated feed strategies which typically require an adjustment of the defined media because of the specific needs and consumption of the inorganic components throughout the fermentation process. Tailor-made Lohtragon® BT premixes ensure a solid targeted fermentation process. 

    Key Features of Lohtragon® BT Products

    • Chemically Defined: We offer unparalleled purity levels and chemical properties that are fully documented.
    • Physically Optimized: Parameters such as particle size distribution, flowability, and pH value are rigorously analyzed to ensure optimal performance.
    • Versatile Packaging: Opt for either solids or aqueous solutions, each available in customized packaging.
    • Optimal Nutrient and Buffer Supply: Our nutrient and buffer compositions are meticulously formulated for peak efficiency.
    • Customizable Concentrations: Tailor our offerings to meet your specific needs.
    • Exceptional Solubility and Bioavailability: Our products are designed for maximum effectiveness, easily absorbed and utilized by biological systems.
    • Cutting-Edge Research and Comprehensive Control
    • Avoid Nutrient Immobilization: Our advanced formulations minimize risks like precipitation, which could impact nutrient bioavailability.
    • Expert Formulation Know-How: Leverage our research and understanding of metal salts and their applications.

    Case Study – Lohtragon® Salts Elevate Biotech Processes

    Lohtragon® Salts of Iron, Manganese, Copper, and Zinc play critical roles in various biotechnological processes, affecting both efficiency and product quality. The optimized micronutrient availability resulted in accelerated microbial growth and metabolic activity, leading to higher yields and improved process efficiency, thus establishing these Lohtragon® salts as advantageous micronutrient sources in biotechnological applications.

    Ready for a Targeted and Efficient Fermentation Process?

    Do not leave your fermentation outcomes to chance. Contact us today and discover how Lohtragon® BT can tailor nutrient solutions to your specific biotechnological applications. With our proven track record and unparalleled expertise, you are in the best hands for a successful fermentation process.


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