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    Industrial Biotech: Lohtragon® Nutrient Premixes and Sustainable Solutions

    Targeted Fermentation Processes for Maximum Efficiency in Industrial Scale 

    Are you ready to elevate your industrial biotech processes? Join us at our webinar and learn more about our dedicated Lohtragon® approach for targeted fermentation processes striving for maximum efficiency. 

    We will speak about: 

    • Your benefits, including improved product and process performances, cost efficiencies, and sustainability aspects 
    • Nutrient concepts with pure substances, premixes, stock solutions, and encapsulation
    • Our competence center biotechnology 
    • And more


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    Dr. Michael Tietzel
    Head of Competence Center Biotechnology
    Lawin Sulaiman
    Sales Project Manager Industrial Biotech
    Melissa Wlost
    Sales Performance Manager Industrial Applications

    Leveraging his biochemistry background and long-term biopharma expertise about mineral salts, Michael is our speaker highlighting the ambition and set-up of our competence center biotechnology.

    Active in the field of industrial biotech, Lawin is our speaker to present you the Lohtragon® nutrient concept for targeted fermation processes and its benefits. 

    Creating Lohtragon® brand awareness: Melissa is our speaker introducing you to the Lohtragon® metal salt competences, while moderating the webinar. 

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