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  • Blowing Agents: Challenging Boundaries

    When it comes to enhancing the properties of polymers, one additive is often at the forefront: blowing agents.

    Playing a pivotal role in the formation of foamed or cellular polymers, blowing agents are integral in applications that require improved thermal insulation, shock absorption, and an impressive stiffness-to-weight ratio.

    Chemical Blowing Agents

    Chemical blowing agents are compounds that undergo decomposition when heated, releasing gases like nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or water vapor. This allows for precise control over factors such as cell size and density.

    Why the Decomposition Step Matters

    Chemical blowing agents provide a controlled release of gas, enabling a more uniform cellular structure. This control is often critical for applications where mechanical strength and consistency are essential. The decomposition process helps in nucleating new cells, affecting the cellular structure's overall quality. A well-controlled nucleation process leads to better mechanical properties of the foamed polymer. Blowing agents need to be integrated into the overall polymer production process seamlessly. Failure to do so could result in inconsistencies that affect the polymer's quality and performance. The decomposition of blowing agents directly impacts the polymer's material properties, including stiffness, elasticity, and thermal conductivity. Residues from chemical blowing agents could affect the polymer's performance, making it crucial to understand the trade-offs involved. The type of gas released during decomposition can have environmental implications.

    Lohtragon® PA Range: Blowing Beyond the Standard

    Lohtragon® PA range is specifically designed to focus on process integration at exceptional temperatures, these additives are also developed with environmental sustainability in mind, ensuring the gases released are as eco-friendly as possible.

    Case Study Lohtragon® B42 - A Sustainable Blowing Agent

    Lohtragon® B42 | based on Tricalcium Citrate is garnering attention in the polymer industry as an effective and eco-friendly blowing agent. Its ability to induce cellular structures in polymers enables the production of lightweight and insulating materials which are highly sought in various sectors like construction and packaging. The versatility and environmentally friendly nature of Tricalcium Citrate underscore its potential as a preferred blowing agent in the development of sustainable and high-performance polymer products.

    Joint Lohtragon® Product Development: Tailoring to Your Needs

    With our unique Joint Product Development approach, we cater to your specific blowing agent needs, taking into account factors such as thermal decomposition behavior and type of decomposition gases.

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