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    In today's fast-paced construction industry, efficiency and quality go hand-in-hand. While advancements like 3D printing and AI are capturing headlines, the role of essential construction chemicals like cement admixtures remains vital.

    Introducing Lohtragon®: a trusted name for products that act as hardening retarders and accelerators in cement and plaster-based systems. Whether it is Portland cement-based plasters or advanced adhesives, Lohtragon® offers unparalleled flexibility and performance.

    Lohtragon® Accelerators for Cement Formulations

    Accelerators speed up the rate of hydration, allowing for reduced curing time. In addition to rapid strength gain, cost-effectiveness, efficiency need to be considered.
    Our efficient accelerators improve setting times of cements with a similar performance to Lithium Carbonate in many cement compositions (renders, plasters, adhesives, mortars, etc.) containing Portland cement (OPC).

    Lohtragon® Retarders

    Retarders modify the available “open time”, giving workers more time to work with the material. 

    Case Study Lohtragon® L90 CI/25 - Lithium-Free Accelerator Boosts Early Strength & Reduces Set Time in Portland Cement
    The incorporation of Lohtragon® L90 CI/25 as a Lithium-free accelerator in Portland cement formulations resulted in a substantial reduction in setting times and an improvement in early strength development, without compromising the long-term strength and integrity of the cement. The success of Lohtragon® L90 CI/25 in enhancing the performance of Portland cement while being a Lithium-free alternative demonstrated its potential as a superior and safer accelerator in cement formulations.

    Case Study Lohtragon® B09 - Enhances Workability & Preserves Strength
    The application of Lohtragon® B09 based on Trisodium Citrate proved significantly effective in delaying the setting times of both cement and gypsum, providing extended workability without compromising the final strength and integrity of the structures. This allowed for more precise placements, adjustments, and corrections, leading to improved construction quality and operational flexibility.

    Case Study Lohtragon® O01 - Efficient Accelerator

    Having the ability to fine-tune the setting speed of your cement formulation is extremely important to achieve an efficient and cost effective application. Lohtragon® O01 acts as hardening accelerator in cement formulation. Testing confirms its effectiveness and efficiency in various cement mixtures with OPC.

    Lohtragon® In-House Application Technology Lab

    Both accelerators and retarders can be adjusted in formulation to achieve desired effects, offering a high level of customization for particular construction requirements. Their adaptability and efficiency-enhancing qualities make them game-changers in the construction industry.

    Benefit from our specialized in-house application technology laboratory to fine-tune your cement and plaster systems. Our experts use cutting-edge technology to understand and adjust the behavior of Lohtragon® products, ensuring that they perfectly align with your specific requirements.


    The construction industry is evolving, and your projects should too. With Lohtragon® cement admixtures, you do not have to choose between efficiency and quality. Experience the best of both worlds – faster setting times and economic formulations, all backed by our in-house application technology lab.

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