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    Chalk (Magnesite, Magnesium Carbonate) has become a pivotal tool for many athletes across the world from crossfit to gymnasts and weightlifters – it is now indispensable for rock climbing and bouldering in order to provide the best possible friction and grip of the athletes hands.

    Case study Lohtragon® C36 CC - Advanced, Eco-friendly Climbing Chalk
    Our chips-like climbing chalk fulfills increasing technical requirements of athletes as well as health, safety & environment (HSE) standards.

    • Effective absorption of moisture on hands for best grip and the most coverage
    • Reduced sweat for improved friction
    • 100 % pure Magnesium Carbonate from nature
    • Reduced dust formation due to chips-like form


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    In addition to the chips-like form of Lohtragon® C36 CC our powdered Lohtragon® C36 does also show high performances for rock climbing and bouldering.

    For an in-depth look at what makes Lohtragon® C36 CC the ideal choice for athletes, download our Lohtragon® Info Sheet for Climbing Chalk. You can also request our special flyer titled "Magnesium from Nature" for more insights into the pure Magnesium Carbonate used in our products.


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