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    The presence of hexavalent chromium (Chromate) in cements poses significant health and safety risks, including toxicity and carcinogenicity.

    These harmful compounds often enter cement through natural impurities or during the raw material processing stage. With growing awareness and stringent regulations concerning occupational and environmental safety, the conversion of hazardous hexavalent chromium into the far less critical trivalent form (Chrome III compounds) is imperative. Lohtragon® Chromate reducing agents offer an unparalleled solution for this pressing issue.

    The Breakthrough of Lohtragon® Chromate Reducing Agents 

    Lohtragon® provides an efficient and reliable solution for transforming the harmful hexavalent chromium into the much less hazardous trivalent chromium. By incorporating these reducing agents, cement producers can drastically mitigate the health risks associated with hexavalent chromium.

    Case Study: Lohtragon® V01 – A Revolutionary Solution
    Lohtragon® V01 stands out for its high efficiency, made possible due to its maximized Ferrous content. The product comes in a stabilized liquid form, which makes it incredibly easy to incorporate into the cement production process.
    Key Features of Lohtragon® V01:

    • Highly Efficient: Maximizes Ferrous content for optimal conversion of hexavalent to trivalent chromium.
    • Easy to Apply: Liquid form ensures ease of dosage during the cement production process
    • Patented: Dr. Paul Lohmann® holds the patent for this unique chromium-reducing solution, ensuring its unparalleled efficacy

    Benefits of Using Lohtragon® Chromate Reducing Agents:

    • Safety First: Drastically reduce health and safety risks by converting hazardous hexavalent chromium to its safer trivalent form
    • Regulatory Compliance: Stay ahead of regulations and avoid penalties by proactively treating chromium impurities in your cement
    • Ease of Application: Lohtragon®'s liquid form ensures a seamless addition to your existing production workflow


    Safety and compliance should never be compromised in any construction material, especially something as widely used as cement. Lohtragon® V01 offers an efficient, patented, and easy-to-implement solution for converting hexavalent chromium into its less harmful trivalent form. Do not leave your chromium issues unresolved – choose Lohtragon® for a safer, compliant future in cement production.

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