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    The significance of surface treatment in metals cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to processes like metal pickling and aluminium etching.

    Whether you are preparing metal for industrial operations like welding or looking to improve the adherence of coatings and paints, Lohtragon® offers a range of high-quality metal salts and additives designed to make these chemical processes both efficient and effective – considering sustainability aspects.

    Metal Pickling: Clean Surfaces for Enhanced Performance

    Metal pickling is a crucial step in many industrial applications, aimed at removing impurities such as scale, rust, and oxides from metal surfaces. This preparation is essential for subsequent operations like welding or further surface treatments.

    Pickling Additives: Optimize the Process

    Lohtragon® offers highly soluble Citrates and Tartrates to inhibit the issues of deposition processes that can lead to unwanted precipitation. Furthermore, Lohtragon®'s iron-based metal salts are specifically tailored for producing pickling solutions (Sulfates) that accelerate deposition and ensure other metal ions remain stable. Dyes for Aluminium baths (Oxalates) complete our portfolio in this field.

    Key Benefits of Using Lohtragon® in Metal Pickling:

    • Efficiently removes impurities for a clean surface
    • Improves adherence for subsequent treatments or operations
    • Offers specialized additives for optimized performance

    Aluminium Etching: Perfectly Prepared Surfaces

    Aluminium surfaces often suffer from deposits left by alkaline degreasing. These deposits must be removed to ensure uniform bonding or coating. Etching is the process that comes to the rescue, offering a solution to these surface irregularities.

    Lohtragon® for Aluminium Etching

    Using Lohtragon® Ferric or Copper Sulfates in your etching formulations leads to a surface that is well-prepared for coating. The applications are not just limited to simple surface preparations; they extend into advanced sectors like the electronic industry, where etching is used to create fine-line circuits on semiconductor materials.

    Key Benefits of Using Lohtragon® in Aluminium Etching

    • Ensures a deposit-free surface for uniform bonding and coating
    • Ideal for advanced applications like patterning in electronics
    • Offers high-quality metal salts specifically designed for etching

    Case Study Lohtragon® V88 - Precision Etching for Outstanding Design and Manufacturing

    Lohtragon® V88 | our aqueous solution based on Ferric Sulfate, due to its reactivity with metals, selectively dissolves aluminum through a redox reaction, creating desired etched designs or patterns. This property is extensively leveraged in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing, allowing for the precise creation of electronic circuits by selectively etching unwanted aluminum while leaving copper traces intact.

    In Summary

    Lohtragon® offers dedicated products, specially designed for pickling and etching applications with a focus on safety, performance and sustainability.

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