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About Dr. Paul Lohmann®

About Dr. Paul Lohmann®

Dr. Paul Lohmann office buildings in Emmerthal

Founded in 1886, Dr. Paul Lohmann GmbH & Co. KGaA manufactures the world´s broadest portfolio of mineral and metal salts for the use in pharmaceuticals, biopharma, food, nutritional supplements, feed, cosmetics, and – with Lohtragon® – for the Industrial Applications.

The constantly high quality of our mineral and metal salts, continuous innovation in production processes and service to the customer have been part of the company's tradition for over 135 years.

Research, development and innovation in the strong German engineering tradition are the motivation and key areas of action for Dr. Paul Lohmann®. We are able to vary numerous physical and chemical parameters of products, to transform them to dimensions that can be used in industry and to adapt them to the needs of ever-changing markets.

Major factors for our success are a consistent focus on customers, high-purity product grades, the ability to innovate, and a special trust-based relationship with long-standing customers. Our research departments are constantly developing new areas of application for mineral and metal salts. Our product portfolio contains an impressive range of over 400 different salts in a total of 7,000 different specifications.

Besides our headquarter in Emmerthal/Germany with own production, laboratories and R&D, Dr. Paul Lohmann® runs a second production plant in Lüneburg/Germany. The company has a further research and development laboratory in Bratislava/Slovakia. In the research facilities, an international team of skilled specialists is constantly working on new developments.

With own sales companies in Singapore/Asia, New York/United States, Eindhoven/The Netherlands and Lieusaint/France, the company can act fast and in response to regional demand in the markets of Europe, North America and Asia. Moreover, an international network of agents has grown steadily over the decades and serves the customers of Dr. Paul Lohmann® all over the world.

Dr. Paul Lohmann® is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 50001, FSSC, GMP, Sedex, EcoVadis and partner of the "Responsible Care initiative" and the ralated "Responsible Care Global Charter".

For further company information, please have a look at: www.lohmann-minerals.com