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Lohtragon® manufacturing expertise

Lohtragon® – our brand for high performance metal salts for industrial applications – combines

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Our precise knowledge and long years of experience as a manufacturer of metal salts enable us to steer and control highly sophisticated process steps. The constant high purity of our metal salts guarantees a defined chemical behavior and high process reliability, no matter how many batches have to be processed. We can adapt the chemical and physical properties of our products in line with their intended purpose, depending on where and how they are to be used, and can develop individual processes and solutions in collaboration with our customers.

Your Value:

Fundamental is the selection and homologation of the best suitable starting materials and the related supplier qualification process. During the complex manufacturing process various purification steps further improve the product quality in order to meet the respective specifications. The Dr. Paul Lohmann® water quality is a key contributor to the purity of the final products. Private wells, uncompromising quality control and in-house water treatment stations are the basis. These manufacturing steps are combined and repeated throughout the production process in order to ensure quality standards. All steps are monitored by in-process controls. Finally your products are worthy to get good shape. This fine-tuning leads to your starting material. Control is one key parameter during the process. It starts with the raw materials continued after each step and ends with the final products. The quality assurance of your product is covered by sophisticated quality systems.