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About Lohtragon®

About Lohtragon® metal salts

Lohtragon® stands for unique competences in manufacturing, optimizing and developing high performance metal salts for a broad variety of industrial market segments.

Lohtragon® leverages the Dr. Paul Lohmann® manufacturing expertise and is designed to meet the specific requirements of industrial applications, such as:

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Industrial Applications

Established in diversity, tailor-made for you, your application and your process – our solution for your challenges!

Our proven Lohtragon® range with around 60 metal salts allows you to select from an established range, ready to use and ready to perform, such as our:

  • Lohtragon® C36 as free-flowing agent for pigments, organic and inorganic powders and salts, carrier and precursor for catalysts and glass-ceramics
  • Lohtragon® V28 mainly used in the aluminum surface treatment as chemical etchant, as Iron(III) source in electroplating and as precursor for ceramic inkjet colors
  • Lohtragon® K19 established as efficient catalyst precursor and modifier, charging aid in the production of PET foils or adhesion modifier for polymeric foil / glass composite materials
  • And others

From Aluminium to Zinc, from Acetate to Tartrate, all Lohtragon® products are manufactured in Germany, considering the best possible sustainability approach. Our metal salt expertise is reflected in the product itself, its production, quality, performance and throughout the whole supply chain. Our experts support you at any time in the selection of your most suitable product and quality. Individual advice and recommendations are our strengths.

Beyond our established product range, our Lohtragon® metal salt competences offer you custom specifications and new developments. Our Research, Development and Application team combines unique expertise.

Chemical and physical product modifications according to your requirements are Lohtragon® core competences.

Chemical and physical modifications

The proven Lohtragon® range includes optimized chemical and physical product properties and leaves room for modifications according to your need. The highly specialized test methods allow us extensive characterisation of the in-house manufactured products. A wide range of modern analytical equipment is on hand in our four laboratories for product characterization and quality control. Our latest obtained instruments – the X-ray Powder diffraction (XRD) for analysis of the crystal structure, the 4K Microscope enabling high-resolution microscope images for e.g. particle morphology analysis and our dust analyzer to measure the dustiness – complete our steadily growing arsenal of analytical instruments. These analytical know-how enables in-depths characterization, which in turn supports you in troubleshooting of your process challenges.

Our toolbox of currently more than 40 different anions and cations is the basis for our metal salt response to your inquiry. Our proven Lohtragon® product range is just the starting point of nearly endless options for combinations and will be extended based on your specific needs and requirements.

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The manifold possible combinations of cations and anions provide numerous possibilities to develop your new product in mutually initiated projects.

With Lohtragon®, the industrial brand of the family owned company Dr. Paul Lohmann®, you benefit from over 135 years of metal salt experience, unique expertise, skilled scientists, innovation spirit combined with German engineering, reproducible batch-to-batch consistency and passion to provide you always the best solution.

We are your competent solution provider in the field of metal salts!