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Efficient Lithium Carbonate Alternative in Construction Applications

Are you working on improving your cement formulations? Our Lohtragon® L90 CI range is your lithium-free contributor for many construction applications!

From the very broad-ranging field of construction chemical additives, the Lohtragon® L90 CI portfolio is specifically designed to act as hardening retarder and accelerator in cement and plaster-based systems. Portland cement – containing binders such as lime/cement plasters – typically requires a hardening accelerator to treat surfaces as quickly as possible after their application and to set up the perfectly timed window in which forming and detailing is possible.

The Lohtragon® accelerator range is a proven alternative to many standard technologies such as lithium carbonate:

  • Lohtragon® L90 CI/21 
  • Lohtragon® L90 CI/24


The Lohtragon® L90 CI Product Range


In times of additional high lithium demand from industries other than the construction sector – e.g. the battery industry for the synthesis of active materials –, lithium carbonate prices rise continuously. As lithium-free formulations, our Lohtragon® L90 CI products are therefore an efficient and competitive substitute for lithium carbonate, which is the commonly used additive in the construction industry.

Especially compared to such standard systems, our Lohtragon® L90 CI acceleration additives show strong performances in economic dosages regarding setting behavior – see showcase below – as well as compressive and flexural strength. All metal salt formulations have been tested in our in-house laboratory for various cement mixtures and proven in e.g. lime cement plasters or complex, ternary binder systems with a high Portland cement content.



The Lohtragon® L90 CI products are compatible with standardized CEM I and CEM III. Especially the usage of CEM III, which has a high content of blast furnace slag, reduces the carbon footprint of the cement mixtures by 40 %.

We offer also a dedicated in-house application technology service for construction applications. Our ultrasonic testing equipment allows us to understand the behavior of our metal salts in different formulations, to adjust our products accordingly and to provide the metal salts that perfectly match in construction applications.

Main benefits of our Lohtragon® CI range at a glance:

  • Efficient accelerators to adjust setting time of cements with a similar performance to standard technologies such as lithium carbonate in many cement compositions (renders, plasters, mortars, etc.)
  • The Lohtragon® testing is supported by our in-house application technology
  • Economical dosage ranges and commercial competitiveness in final formulations 
  • Compatibility with CEM I and CEM III

Our Lohtragon® L90 CI range is your lithium-free acceleration additive!
Get in touch with us for product details, formulation parameters and samples!

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