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  • EcoVadis Gold Medal for our Sustainability Performance
  • We did it again: EcoVadis Gold Medal for our Sustainability Performance

    Sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) represent two of today´s global major challenges.

    Saving natural resources, protecting our environment and following ethical labor practices are key factors of our everyday activities. 

    Once more, our company has been awarded with the EcoVadis gold medal in recognition of our sustainability and CSR performance. In all scope areas we have scored above the average, being rated in the top 3% of the companies assessed in our industry and improving our overall score again to 73 points. Especially in terms of environmental topics, Dr. Paul Lohmann® scored notably well.

    With new projects starting up and new goals to achieve, we will continue working on improving our performance in all these areas.

    We care about the environment. We care about people.

    Inform about our sustainability activities.

    With its evidence-based assessment, EcoVadis became the world´s most trusted provider of sustainability ratings. EcoVadis’ assessment provide detailed score into four Topics: ‘Environment’, ‘Labor & human rights’, ‘Ethics’ and ‘sustainable procurement’. The Platform has a global network of more than 75 thousand companies and covers 200 industries and 175 countries.


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