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    Our Lohtragon® range has various extremes, that can result from application areas, product properties and maximum characteristics.

    Extreme application diversity
    Our Lohtragon® products are established in over 50 different industrial applications, which can be further subdivided in their end use. Impressive how diverse Lohtragon® can be used, isn't it?

    Extreme application situations
    The application situations also provide exciting examples, as our products:

    Have made it into space
    Contribute to the necessary oxygen supply during a drop in pressure in airplanes
    Are used in firefighting
    Support purification of potable water in areas where drinking water is not directly accessible
    Contribute to the protection against high-voltage shocks in safety gloves
    Give you the necessary grip when climbing
    And many more
    Rely on Lohtragon® metal salts also in remarkable situations!


    Extreme product properties
    Product extremes are also visible in product properties, for instance:

    The below showcase of Lohtragon® C05 visualize the differences in solubility within one product.
    The blue reference is characterized by an especially high solubility.
    In terms of assay, the example illustrates the maximum and minimum assay per cation from our standard product range.
    The magnesium salts cover the maximum content extent with 9.5 to 58.0 % Mg.
    Would you have thought that our iron salts cover colors from almost white to almost black in a rainbow color gradient?
    Our Lohtragon® C36 and C46 are examples for extreme density ranges, covering super light to super heavy (70-500 g/l)
    Particle sizes
    The example of Lohtragon® C36 shows also the variation in particle sizes, ranging from fine powder to chips-like specifications types.

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