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  • Lohtragon® Products as Odor-Inhibitor and H2S-Scavenger

    Learn more about our Lohtragon® C73 acting as odor-inhibiting chelating agent for hydrogen sulfide here!

    We, as Dr. Paul Lohmann®, produce special Gluconates that are highly soluble and easy to process for different usages.

    For industrial applications especially our Lohtragon® C73 is of interest acting as odor-inhibiting chelating agent for hydrogen sulfide. The environmental friendly production of biogas releases a substantial amount of hydrogen sulfide. This has not only an unpleasant odor, but is also toxic and extremely corrosive in contact with water. The combustion product sulfur dioxide is equally aggressive and harmful to health. Therefore, hydrogen sulfide quickly has to be removed from all sources, including biogas, crude oil and natural gas.

    Click here for our Lohtragon® Info Sheet for Biogas Production.


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