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    Promoting comprehensive approaches in the industrial biotechnology sector for both current systems and future base chemicals; the dedicated Lohtragon® BT range is under development.

    Lohtragon® is devoted to drive disrupting technologies. Under the brand suffix “BT” for “biotechnology” we are specializing in the biotechnological production of essential chemicals with focus on the white, industrial biotechnology.

    We intend to establish a wide range of nutritious trace elements and high performance salts to buffer media, enable microbial cell growth and act as enzymatic co-factor; all providing an environment that maintains the structural and physiological integrity of cells in vitro.

    A stable pH-value is a crucial requirement influencing the ability how the microbial cells can uptake nutrients and grow.

    You can rely on the highest quality metal salts in upstream and downstream applications to support the thriving bio-related segments in our modern society.

    Benefit from our long-standing experience in fermentation processes in the field of red biotechnology applications as well as the superiority of our products in terms of sustainability, purity, safety and cost efficiency.  

    Stay tuned for the launch of our dedicated Lohtragon® BT portfolio for the industrial biotechnology.

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