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    Are you looking for a high content of your active component to improve the efficiency of your process?

    Many processes and chemical reactions require highest possible share of an active component as it leads to a maximized efficiency and yield increase.

    With our chemical expertise we customize metal salts around your active cation and anion, for example in catalytical systems.

    The graph of our different Lohtragon® Iron Sulfates gives you an insight about what is possible.

    Within one product group from our standard portfolio we cover different iron contents ranging from approx. 7.5  % up to approx. 32  %.

    Customized developments according to your requirements are possible, too.

    • Is a high Iron content important for you e.g. in the formulation of Iron promoted activated alumina?
    • Do you need a maximum of Magnesium in your process for coating catalyst carriers?
    • Or do you have any further special active component requirement?


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