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  • Competence Insight: Optimized Flowability Properties

    Look and see the video from our rheometer showcasing the superior flowability of our Lohtragon® K19!

    Having the right flow: selected Lohtragon® products offer optimized flow properties.

    The improved performance is based on specific adjustments, such as:

    • Optimal particle size and distribution
    • Adapted particle shape, surface texture and porosity
    • Dedicated free-flow activators and more

    Our Lohtragon® K19 is one product example of our existing range that is characterized by its optimized flow properties. Benefitting from our competences in product modification and manufacturing expertise, the product shows accurate dosing behavior and lower tendency to lump compared to standard product types. Look and see the video from our rheometer!

    By the way, talking about flowability: In the context of flowability, our range of Lohtragon® free-flowing agents could be of interest, too.

    Do you have any challenge or requirement around flowability?


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