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  • Solid peroxide source as an alternative to hydrogen peroxide
  • Interested in a solid peroxide source as an alternative to hydrogen peroxide? You need Lohtragon® O74!

    With Lohtragon® O74 – our metal salt based on zinc peroxide – we offer the solid variant analogue to liquid hydrogen peroxide.

    As special as the product itself, are the Lohtragon® dosage forms. As one of our latest product innovation, we provide the salt both in powder form and as a suspension. In the development process of the suspension our R&D team especially focused on the optimum particle size of the zinc peroxide.

    Benefit from the advantages of a solid hydrogen peroxide compared to liquid alternatives – benefit from Lohtragon® O74:

    • Optimized dosage
    • Simplified handling and storage
    • Higher peroxide content

    Typical application examples include the odor control market due to its odor-inhibiting properties and the use as a crosslinking agent for rubber.
    The product is EU REACH registered by us being the manufacturer.


    Curious in our product innovation? Order Lohtragon® O74 as powder or suspension.


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