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    The Need for Gypsum Retarders

    The captivating features of Gypsum, chemically recognized as Calcium Sulfate hemihydrate, is its distinct hardening behavior when mixed with water. Non-retarded gypsum sets in a matter of minutes, which often makes careful application and processing virtually impossible. This rapid setting is particularly challenging in construction applications, where a longer working time can be crucial for achieving a high-quality finish. For this reason, gypsum-based systems usually incorporate retarders to manipulate their setting time.

    Lohtragon®: The Optimal Solution for Gypsum Hardening

    Lohtragon® offers a finely-grained selection of retarders specifically designed for gypsum-based systems. These retarders can precisely adjust the gypsum's hardening time to match your specific requirements.

    Case Study Lohtragon® B61 - Balancing Extended Setting Time with Uncompromised Strength
    Incorporation of Lohtragon® B61 | based on Potassium Sodium Tartrate 4-hydrate successfully extended the setting time of cement and gypsum without compromising the strength of the final structures. This facilitated better alignment with construction schedules and allowed sufficient time for adjustments, ensuring higher accuracy and quality in the construction process compared to mixes using other retarders or no retarder

    Case Study: Lohtragon® B09 – A Retarder with Unmatched Features
    The standout retarder in the Lohtragon® range, Lohtragon® B09 | based on Trisodium citrate 2-hydrate, offers an array of benefits:

    • Dosage Flexibility: A wide dosage range of 0.01 % to 0.25 % allows you to tailor the setting time precisely for your specific needs.
    • No Segregation: Lohtragon® B09 ensures consistent quality by preventing segregation during production, transport, and storage.
    • Enhanced Hardness: One of the most compelling features of this retarder is its ability to maintain very high hardness levels in plaster and joint compounds.

    Key Advantages of Using Lohtragon® Gypsum Retarders

    • Customizable Setting Time: Adjust the hardening time according to the specific needs of your project
    • Consistency: Maintain a uniform quality across all stages of production, thanks to Lohtragon®'s anti-segregation properties
    • High-Quality Finish: Achieve an end-product with exceptional hardness and durability


    Gypsum's unique hardening behavior presents both opportunities and challenges. With Lohtragon® retarders, you can take advantage of gypsum's beneficial properties while overcoming its limitations. Specifically, Lohtragon® B09 offers an optimal solution with its customizable dosage, no-segregation promise, and high-hardness delivery.

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