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Innovative Metal Salts for the Energy Industry

Energy – essential for our daily life – is required for all natural processes as well as a source for heat, light and running equipment.

The Lohtragon® metal salts contribute to a sustainable energy generation and storage across various types of energy. In many systems these high performance metal salts act as active component like in thermal energy storage and batteries. In other energy sectors metal salts are used as auxiliary materials and to optimize production processes, e.g. as hydrogen sulfide scavenger in biogas plants.

The proven Lohtragon® product range is shown in the Lohtragon® product selector for energy. Lohtragon® also signifies tailor-made solutions by variation of the chemical and physical properties: Lohtragon® competences.

Our Lohtragon® experts support you in the preselection of the most suitable product and quality.

Thermal Energy Storage (TES)

Stocking thermal energy by heating or cooling a storage medium is an important pillar of a renewable energy storage concept. more

Battery Energy Storage (BES)

Batteries is what immediately comes to our mind when we think about electric energy storage. more

Biogas Production

The production of biogas – an organic renewable energy source – always generates toxic hydrogen sulfide. more

Oil & Gas production

Along the value chain of the oil and gas industry there are several steps requiring metal salts to ensure efficient and safe processes. more

Lohtragon® Product Selector for Energy

Battery Energy Storage
Oil & Gas
Thermal Energy Storage
Iron Salts
Lohtragon® C73
Applicable to : Biogas, Oil & Gas
Lohtragon® C08
Applicable to : Biogas, Oil & Gas
Magnesium Salts
Lohtragon® C35
Applicable to : Thermal Energy Storage
Lohtragon® O73
Applicable to : Oil & Gas
Manganese Salts
Lohtragon® O03
Applicable to : Battery Energy Storage
Potassium Salts
Lohtragon® B71
Applicable to : Oil & Gas
Lohtragon® B61
Applicable to : Oil & Gas
Sodium Salts
Lohtragon® K18
Applicable to : Thermal Energy Storage
Lohtragon® B09
Applicable to : Oil & Gas
Lohtragon® K16
Applicable to : Thermal Energy Storage

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