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Polymer Additives

Metal Salts and its Function in Polymers

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The manufacturing of plastics and polymer materials along the polymer value chain is facing steadily increasing technical requirements while fulfilling health, safety & environment standards as well as the challenges around the circular plastics economy.

Lohtragon® polymer additives are predominantly focusing on the polymer compounding step in order to achieve extra functionalities and improved performances such as:

The proven Lohtragon® product range of metal salts acting as polymer additives is shown in the Lohtragon® product selector for polymer additives. Lohtragon® competences also signifies tailor-made solutions by variation of the chemical and physical properties.

For further information, have a look at our Lohtragon® Info Sheet for Polymer Additives, too.

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Acid Scavengers

Lohtragon® high performance metal salts, used as acid scavengers in polymers, limit or eliminate the acid-induced polymer chain degradation. more

Flame Retardants

The fire resistance of polymers and related plastic materials is more and more a crucial factor within the extensive profile of more

Antistatic additives

Surfaces of polymer compounds and plastics that carry an electrical charge can significantly influence their frictionless application, more

Antioxidants / Light Stabilizers

For the durability of a plastic in its life cycle, the objective is to maintain the initial properties as long as possible. more

Nucleating and clarifying agents

Nucleating agents are additives used to improve the optical properties of semi-crystalline polymers such as polypropylene. more

Blowing Agents

Plastic foams are widely used because of weight reduction and cost efficiency. more

Crosslinking Agents

Polymer products like polyethylene with linear polymer chain structures typically show thermoplastic behavior. more

Moisture control

Plastic products based on PE, PET and other polymer types might need a defined water content level. more

Lohtragon® Product Selector for Polymer Additives

Acid Scavengers
Antioxidants / Light Stabilizer
Antistatic Additives
Blowing Agents
Crosslinking Agents
Moisture Control
Nucleation and Clarifying Agents
Aluminium Salts
Lohtragon® L87
Applicable to : Crosslinking Agents
Lohtragon® K87
Applicable to : Crosslinking Agents
Calcium Salts
Lohtragon® O01
Applicable to : Acid Scavengers, Blowing Agents
Lohtragon® B42
Applicable to : Acid Scavengers, Antioxidants / Light Stabilizer, Antistatic Additives, Blowing Agents, Nucleation and Clarifying Agents
Copper Salts
Lohtragon® K02
Applicable to : Antioxidants / Light Stabilizer
Magnesium Salts
Lohtragon® K19
Applicable to : Antistatic Additives, Blowing Agents
Lohtragon® C36
Applicable to : Acid Scavengers
Lohtragon® C35
Applicable to : Acid Scavengers, Antioxidants / Light Stabilizer
Lohtragon® C46
Applicable to : Acid Scavengers, Antioxidants / Light Stabilizer, Moisture Control
Lohtragon® V15
Applicable to : Moisture Control
Potassium Salts
Lohtragon® O02
Applicable to : Moisture Control
Lohtragon® B71
Applicable to : Antistatic Additives
Lohtragon® O16
Applicable to : Blowing Agents
Lohtragon® B60
Applicable to : Blowing Agents, Nucleation and Clarifying Agents
Sodium Salts
Lohtragon® B44
Applicable to : Nucleation and Clarifying Agents
Lohtragon® B15
Applicable to : Blowing Agents
Lohtragon® B45
Applicable to : Nucleation and Clarifying Agents
Zinc Salts
Lohtragon® O56
Applicable to : Blowing Agents
Lohtragon® O74
Applicable to : Crosslinking Agents

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